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What We Do

Kids on Point is an immersive, year-round program that takes place after school, on the weekends, and in the summer.

We engage kids from the time they enter the program in elementary school until they graduate high school and beyond.

Our Method

Year-round, our programming is focused on alleviating the resource disparity that students experience by operating in the following areas:

  • After-school Programming

    After-school programming 4 days a week, where students are given healthy after-school meals and participate in dedicated homework time, enrichment, and academic support.

  • Field Trips

    Enrichment field trips locally and around the country in order to expose students to new ideas, cultures, and people that they may not encounter in their schools or neighborhoods.

  • Summer Programming

    A 6-week academic and enrichment summer experience to address the “summer slide”—research indicates that low-income students fall two months behind peers from higher-income families in academic skills every summer.

  • Support Programs

    We make certain students and families are well-placed and champion their emotional, physical, and material needs so they can find success in all aspects of life, beginning with access to basic necessities and support.

  • College & Career

    Year-round college and career counseling for 8th-12th grade students from certified college counselors.

  • Outreach

    Family outreach events to connect families with resources and information relevant to supporting their students’ success.

Our Program

Kids On Point’s holistic model prepares children to succeed in school and life. Our program harnesses academic support, athletics, mentoring and service learning as vehicles to build skills essential to future academic and professional success: communication, life skill development, and initiative.


Create and implement educational programming that encourages students to strive for personal excellence through planning and organization, public speaking and communication, reliability, and initiative.
  • 4 Days of Academic and Life Skills mentorship per week
  • 120 Hours of College and Career Readiness programming each year
  • 86% of kids maintain or raise their grades


Athletic opportunities that will increase teamwork, conflict resolution, competition, confidence, and perseverance.
  • 4 Days per week of fitness activities
  • 110 Hours per year of coaching in sportsmanship and fitness
  • 100% of kids travel to competitions no matter their skill level


Partner with students to foster curiosity and develop life readiness skills.
  • 25 enrichment field trips provided to kids every year
  • 7 nonprofit service partnerships in Charleston
  • 20 hours of civic engagement in the community


Provide basic needs and social and emotional support to create a foundation for the students and families to engage and grow.
  • 8 family outreach events hosted each school year
  • Technology Access
  • Basic Needs Support

Our Partners

Kids On Point’s most extensive partnership is with the College of Charleston. Together with the College of Charleston and Kids On Point share and maintain a 5-court squash facility, classroom space, engage 70+ college volunteers yearly as mentors and tutors, and facilitate high-quality research, course work, and afterschool and summer programming.
Another one of Kids On Point’s most important partnerships is with the Squash and Education Alliance. SEA is a network of 25 organizations in the U.S. and abroad that like Kids On Point provide year-round, long-term support to young people who deserve and desire more. As an SEA member Kids On Point has numerous benefits, including access to metric-evaluation systems, securing scholarship funding, travel subsidies, placements in academically rigorous college-prep camps. These partnerships are vital to connecting Kids On Point students to the physical (college campus, sports facilities), financial (scholarships), and social (mentors in school and life) capital that they need to create a better future. In addition to our partnerships with CofC and the SEA, Kids On Point regularly collaborates with local business, non-profits, and cultural institutions on a variety of services and projects.